Viga Extra is a white powder composition ready to be mixed with water to form high performance white slurry used for pasting and soldering separators of the gypsum boards.


  • After preparation and mixing, apply the viga fix for the required purpose
  • Mixing time 3 minutes.
  • Powder should be added to water gradually
  • Don‘t mix more than the required quantity within 10 minutes
  • Don’t add new mix to the old mix to increase the quantity.
  • Insure all tools are clean, and wash the tools immediately after usage

Technical Specifications

  Average compression factor (kg/cm)        80

  Average refraction resistance (kg/cm)     35

  Average surface hardness (kg/cm)            150

  Average density of mixture (kg/m3)         1300/1400

  Rational coverage rate of a sack                 1.8m2 2cm thickness

  Maximum thickness of layer (mm)             50

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