Sustainability aims to efficiently use our resources for the benefit of our company and society. This means that we fulfill all the present needs without compromising the future ones. We cannot keep using the present resources and materials at the same level as what is left will not be sufficient for future generations. Accordingly, we invest in the application of technologies, products, and above all, the individuals required for the achievement of sustainable development in a convenient and healthy work environment, and job justice in order to improve the environmental and societal conditions.

We believe in Sustainable Business; that consistently generates profit at reasonable growth rates by providing products and services exceeding the customer’s expectations at the lowest possible costs to improve the environmental and societal conditions.

Sadko Plast has taken actual actions in the form of a sustainability work plan:

  • About 20% of electricity has been cut down by replacing old machines with new ones, with built-in inverter that saves electricity energy.
  • Reducing the use of plastic raw material by creating innovative package designs.
  • Manufacturing Multi-layer jerry cans of three layers, and using mid-layer recycled materials after the client’s agreement.               
  • Using eco-friendly biodegradable plastic bags for packing all our products.                 
  • Training the youth and university students in order to foster scientific thinking, and helping them acquire professional life and experience and implement academic studies inside our company.
  • Upon our partnership with Nile University in Egypt, it is available now to manufacture plastic materials of eco-friendly soil dissolved organic derivatives.

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