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Company Overview

Established in 2008. RAY Production House has been able to build up a professional experienced team and in-house production tools leading to customized and tailored creative ideas for each client to be one of the most prominent and reputable agencies in Egypt.

RAY's diverse resources

enable it to bring insight, innovation, and creativity yet strategic solutions to fit perfectly the requirements of each assignment

RAY acts as your extended team

and reliable partner in designing, planning,
producing, and implementing your campaigns.

RAY serves a diverse array

of clients ranging from the private sector, and local to multinational organizations and also focuses on delivering measurable business results to clients through a full range of consulting and advertising solutions and opportunities.

Common Ray production Services

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Interior design


Interior design

Resturants & Store



Our Mission & Vision

  • Our Vision in the invention is to be one
    of the leading construction companies
    in Egypt.
  • Our focus is to push the scene of the
    construction to its full potential we seek
    to provide high-quality materials through
    innovation and class.
  • We are currently focused on providing
    the best quality service in the market.
    Working hand in hand with construction
    providers, and through our own concepts
    we are bringing a new understanding of
    construction to the country.

Our clients

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3 Block 5 Officers Association Amenhotep Compound-Al Obour-Cairo

Industrial Zone C1 – Plot No IXBC – Elordonya Station – 10th of Ramadan

Ray production

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