White Plastering Mortar For Undercoat big Thicknesses


It allows you to do all plastering process directly on bricks with different thickness that reaches 25 cm (5cm layer /hour) without the need for splashing. Viga fill is in line with the modern global construction methods, it also suits the buildings nature in Egypt and the Middle East. It is characterized by perfectness in operation, safe for environment and healthy which satisfy the customer by all means. It is very easy in operation, application and it is very homogeneous. It contains connecting specialized materials that increase the cohesion in all surfaces as it is lighter by 50% than traditional ways. It forms very strong layer after drying. All phases of finishing and smoothing can be applied on it (viga morter & vigaTop).

Technical Specifications

  Average compression factor (kg/cm)        80

  Average refraction resistance (kg/cm)     35

  Average surface hardness (kg/cm)            150

  Average density of mixture (kg/m3)         1300/1400

  Rational coverage rate of a sack                 1.8m2 2cm thickness

  Maximum thickness of layer (mm)             50

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